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A few months ago I was lamenting the fact that with ‘The Spirit Newspaper’ no longer being in print and with other local papers only having limited space, there wasn’t a thorough publication that I could pick up each week where I could find out about all the programs, activities, events, and important meetings happening in our neighborhood.  And if I wasn’t able to easily find out about all the various events and had to search Facebook and other online media, how much more disconnected were all my fellow neighbors? This is what spawned the idea to create this newsletter.  My hope for this simple weekly newsletter is that it helps bring us all together as one neighborhood, it ensures that no one gets left out from an important event, meeting or program because they didn’t know about it.  There will be no opinion or news articles in this publication, no pictures of lost items, no classified ads, no articles about the ever present parking issue (unless of course there is a public meeting being held to discuss it).  This will simply be a publication where we can find out what is going on in our neighborhood. I hope you find this resource helpful.  

Maybe I’ll see you around the neighborhood. - Shawn Hyska

Want to connect?  Send an email to:  fishtownnews@gmail.com .

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